Lacey Hamann

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landscapes digital relics / 2021
video and sound assemblage/ 3d modeling

progress documentation:

The Dreamworld ‘neighborhood’ from Geocities, a personal web hosting service launched in 1994, now exists as an archive of historic digital material. Since its extinction, Dreamworld is now a field site for digital anthropology—allowing observation, analysis, and interpretation as a means to study the relationship between humans and their digital communities. These recovered artifacts no longer exist in their authentic time and place. In my process of collecting and curating these digital relics, I highlight this displacement.
The role of the designer is often to reframe, appropriate, interpret, and produce material that connects our perception of a shared past and exhibits a speculation of the future. Advancements in technological reproduction increasingly escalate the transformation of cultural phenomena to a simulacrum of reality. Through the manipulation of different materials, contexts, and technologies, this video assemblage contributes to our cultural—and cyber—history.