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noms! motel / 2020    branding project

There is no setting more evocative in American storytelling than the motel. It is transitory, interchangeable, and rife with cultural connotations. It appears locked in an eternal time warp somewhere between 1949 and 1999. I designed the Noms! brand identity using inspiration from existing vintage and retro motels to create a system which appeals to modern audiences looking for modern amenities. 

coop / 2020    app branding and prototype design

Coop is a speculative app designed to address the lack of social interaction in public spaces. We conceptualized and implemented a brand identity for Coop, and then translated the system throughout a variety of digital and print assets. Using a prototype software we created a promotional campaign which includes a short tutorial video for the app (collaboration with Quin Crumb).

census / 2020    speculative redesign 

Given the prompt to design The United States Census of 2020, we structured a layout and applied the content to an array of recycled, and fiber papers. Upon examination of previous Census designs, we identified a need to consolidate resources and create a more efficient system. An organized layout allowed us to increase printing efficiency, promote sustainable materials, and encourage user engagement (collaboration with Lilith Jackson).

abigail / 2020    typeface design


In the summer of 2020 I attended the ten-week course Principles of Typeface Design at Type@Cooper. Exploring sketching methods and working within a type design software, I gained an understanding for the key elements of type design. Upon completion of the course I successfully created a typeface—Abigail. Abigail features dynamic, elegant, and sharp serifs. This high-contrast display typface is best suited for headlines.