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digital poster / 2020
plant cell diagram - disrupting rhetoric

Project documentation
Only through the capabilities of technology are we able to see the cell on a microscopic level. Computerized images simplify information, replanting the anti-sublime from human reason to nature. While this humanization of nature can be useful as an extension in human observation, what is it communicating about our dependence on technology to understand the world around us? We refuse to coexist harmoniously with nature, instead taking technological command of it. The result is a shift from the power of divine nature-to the power of human technology.
In our current technological age of information display we almost never encounter sublime occasions of awe when confronting our limited capacity to comprehend the immeasurable forces of nature. What are we sacrificing when we replace the disenchantment of nature, with technological control? Will we continue to computerize and simplify until the visual reductions and deconstructions (as shown in the plant cell diagram), is all we have left to show for the natural world?